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Sugar Plants ( 500 TCD TO 2000 TCD )

We deal in sugar plants which are designed to produce plantation white sugar from sugarcane which is obtained from the sugarcane farmers. Plantation sugar is a white colored sugar which is produced for the purpose of local consumption in countries where sugarcane farming is done. Sugar is manufactured without any refining of raw sugar. Sulfur dioxide gas (SO2) is passed into the extracted juice in the juice sulphitor which eliminates the juice colorants and a clear juice is obtained. White sugar is produced from this juice which complies with the Indian sugar standards and grades. These grades specify the groups "L", "M" and "S" according to the size of the grains and the color series of 31/30 or 29. The product specifications are set by the Indian sugar standards and will confirm to the Codex Elementary commission standards.

Production Process:

The Plant will follow existing standard Double Sulphitation Process with extraction of Juice by straight Milling as per the diagram:


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